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202' is resistant to fire blight, crown rot, and root rot, and immune to the woolly apple aphid, whereas M.26 and other rootstocks in that class are susceptible to 

Cl– (humus) (yr). 0.1. (0.1–0.2) homeostasis in includer and excluder citrus rootstocks: transport  av C Almqvist · Citerat av 1 — charge levied on each cubic meter of wood harvested. Financial support is x. Sum. 33. 26.

M 26 rootstock

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M 7. 11–16 feet. One of the most popular rootstocks. The fruit size that M7 produces is good but not as large as an M26, or M9 rootstock. This root is highly susceptible to suckering and leaning over in its later years of  Great for the intensive orchard. Plant 8' apart.

M-111 Apple Rootstock - EMLA 111 is one of the most vigorous and well-adapted of apple rootstocks, M-111 is a semi-standard tree reaching 80% of standard tree's height, or 15-25 ft.

26 was released in 1959 and dwarfing M.27 in 1975. Until recently, M.9 was still the most widely planted apple rootstock worldwide, and Figure 1 illustrates the 

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M 26 rootstock

De svagväxande äpplegrundstammarna M26 och M9/29, samt pärongrundstammen BP10030 har fått bättre rotsystem, fler rötter och ökad rotningsprocent med 

M 26 rootstock

10 Följer.

Other rootstocks re-sulted in intermediate efficiency. Rootstock did not affect fruit weight in 2005, but on average (1998-2004), M.26 EMLA resulted in large EMLA 26 is considered to be smaller than a half size tree. It is about 40 to 45 percent of a standard tree, needs some support in early years, but could be self-supporting in later years.
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M 26 rootstock

A previous report erroneously indicated the transformation of M.26 apple rootstock with the lytic protein, attacin E, and a consequent increase in resistance to fire blight, when in fact a mislabeled source of explant material had resulted in transformation of M.7. Interstem trees, especially M.9/MM.111, produced many more rootsuckers than trees on M.9 or MM.111. Cumulative yield per tree and yield efficiency over a 17 year period was similar for trees on M.9, M.26, M.9/MM.106 and M.9/MM.111. In a Massachusetts rootstock experiment a spur and non-spur strain of ‘Delicious’ were grown on three In order to obtain optimum conditions for in vitro propagation of the apple rootstock M 26 (Malus pumila Mill.) in adult and juvenile growth phases, several rooting experiments were performed.

Water plants during drought.
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A full dwarf rootstock producing a tree with the same vigor as M 9. Requires staking EMLA 26 is considered to be smaller than a half size tree. It is about 40 to 

Cu-mulatively (1998-2005), V.3 resulted in the greatest efficiency, and V.2 the lowest. Other rootstocks re-sulted in intermediate efficiency.

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An experiment was set up at Bistrita Fruit Growing Research Station, North Romania in spring 2000. Two scab resistant apples, ‘Florina’ and ‘Generos’, grafted on M.26 rootstock, were planted at the density of 1600 or 2500 trees/ha. Two training systems were also compared: slender spindle and V system.

M.26 is grown widely throughout the world and  Feb 12, 2021 M.26 (Malling 26). A dwarfing rootstock introduced from East Malling in 1959.